Tax Software Review Site Posts Last Minute Tips for Small Business E-filers
Apr. 14, 2009, a detailed comparison and review website for tax software, posts tips for tax filers with small business concerns. The web site encourages last-minute tax filers to take advantage of free tax filing extension services. »Read Full Article

Despite Recession, Internet Fax Comparison Site Experiences Growth
Feb. 3, 2009
Although the economic recession has driven down sales overall, forcing many brick-and-mortar retailers to reluctantly close their doors, one online fax comparison website is experiencing record-breaking growth, demonstrating the ability of low cost, online businesses to weather the storm. »Read Full Article

One-of-a-kind Tax Software Comparison Site Launched for 2009 Tax Season
Jan. 26, 2009
Recognizing the growing need for reliable information on 2009 online tax software, Zilker Ventures has re-designed their successful tax software comparison website,, to allow people to interact with the website and compare a customized selection of products. »Read Full Article

Zilker Ventures Secures Financing from Plains Capital Bank
Dec. 18, 2008
Though various small businesses have reported their difficulties in securing credit from banks, Zilker Ventures, LLC was able to find an agreeable lender. »Read Full Article

Zilker Ventures’ Sets New Standard for Review Websites
Sep. 26, 2008
Zilker Ventures, the publisher behind successful review and comparison website has transferred the site to a new domain name, — a name that transparently describes the company’s philosophy behind their review websites. »Read Full Article

Tax Software Maker Intuit Rolls Out New Strategy against Uncertain Market Future
Sep. 12, 2008
Following its successful third-quarter sales growth, Intuit Inc., the maker of tax software leader TurboTax and duly successful QuickBooks software, aims to downsize as part of a movement towards integration of services and products offered. »Read Full Article

New Review Website for Web Hosting Services Launched
Aug. 10, 2008
Known for websites such as and, Zilker Ventures launches its newest comparison and review website for web hosting services, »Read Full Article

Zilker Ventures’ Website Helps Increase the Number of Online Advertisers
Aug. 1, 2008
Not many sites are as reflective of the recent growth of Internet advertising as The website lays claim to dozens of monthly sign-ups. Though the site has been successful, its parent company Zilker Ventures believes that there is still more room for growth. »Read Full Article

Recycling Fax Machines and Other E-waste Becomes Priority for Zilker Ventures
Jul. 23, 2008
As more people discover the hazards of electronic waste, they aren’t also finding many viable recycling solutions. For instance, what should one do with a broken fax machine? Zilker Ventures explains. »Read Full Article

Online Advertising Breaks Barriers, Despite Being Largely Under-Utilized
Jul. 12, 2008
Zenith Optimedia recently released its quarterly advertising growth forecast, and Advertising Age has just released its list of the top online advertisers. While the data from the two sources are quite different, they both point to an ever-developing future online, which will likely include the majority of large corporations.
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Zilker Ventures Interviews Steve Adams from MyFax about Future of Faxing
Jul. 2, 2008
Gaines Kilpatrick of Zilker Ventures, LLC recently sat down with Steve Adams of Internet fax leader MyFax to ask 20 questions about the present and future of MyFax and the Internet fax industry in general. Adams discusses everything from human voices and two guys in a basement to Sinfully Delicious Truffles. He also talks about why more and more people are switching to Internet fax. »Read Full Article Co-founder Explains How Obama’s and McCain’s Tax Stances Might Affect Future of Tax Software and Preparation
Jun. 20, 2008
There has been a rising reliance on tax preparation software in recent years which has helped engender resources like, a comparison and review site for different tax software providers. How might the tax software industry be affected by the 2008 Presidential candidates? »Read Full Article

Fax Machines Are Major Contributor to Global Warming
Jun. 10, 2008
In honor of World Environment Day, environmentally conscious offices strive to eliminate traditional fax machines and rid the environment of their hazardous effects. But how can you swiftly kill something that won’t die? »Read Full Article

How to Stop Email Marketing from Becoming a Four-Letter Word
Jun. 4, 2008
In light of the recent indictment by a federal grand jury of notorious “Spam King” Alan Ralsky, email marketers must make more effort to send legitimate email. Read about how you can avoid spam. »Read Full Article

New Tax Software Information and Comparison
May 19, 2008
Zilker Ventures, LLC announces the launch of, a comparison and review website for online tax services. »Read Full Article

Put the Bat Away: Fax Machines are Dead and the Internet Killed Them
Apr. 10, 2008
Zilker Ventures, LLC announces the launch reviews and compiles relevant details about the top Internet fax services currently on the market so that users can select the one that best fits their needs. »Read Full Article