Despite Recesssion, Internet Fax Comparison Site Experiences Growth

Although the economic recession has driven down sales overall, forcing many brick-and-mortar retailers to reluctantly close their doors, one online fax comparison website is experiencing record-breaking growth, demonstrating the ability of low cost, online businesses to weather the storm.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) February 4, 2009 — At a time when brands like Dell, Intel, Circuit City, K.B. Toys, and a host of other brick-and-mortar retailers are seeing a decline in sales, forcing them to shut down shop around the nation, e-commerce and online services are relatively flourishing. As evidence of this trend,, a comparison and review website for internet fax services, reported this month a 70% increase in traffic on the website from December 2008.

“We are extremely pleased with the tremendous increase in traffic on FaxCompare that has occurred as expected over the last month,” says Leo Welder, COO of Zilker Ventures, parent company of “In correlation with increased user activity, we have also seen a growing number of individuals signing up for internet fax services through FaxCompare.”

No major surprise to parent company Zilker Ventures, the increased popularity of follows two major technology trends, outlined by the December 2008 report from Small Business Labs. The first technology trend, “Mobile Computing,” describes the importance of mobile technology, such as notebook computers and smart phones, which allow small business owners to utilize software and online services on-the-go.

“, and online fax services in general, are easily compatible with mobile technology. People can research fax providers through, sign up for a service and begin to receive faxes in any location, as long as they have internet access,” says Zilker Ventures CEO, Gaines Kilpatrick.

The second technology trend, “Cloud Computing”, also helps to explain the strong growth of Small Business Labs reports the following: “[Cloud computing lowers capital costs and turns fixed costs into variable costs — two powerful attributes that are very attractive in a down economy.” Online fax services, which are reviewed by, are cloud computing’s answer to traditional faxing, which is more costly, requires fragile machinery, and is certainly not mobile. “Cloud services, such as internet fax, eliminate the hassle of operating and maintaining a fax machine yourself, and the monthly premium you pay for these services is usually less expensive than an additional phone plus the cost of maintaining, repairing and/or replacing hardware, like a regular fax machine,” explains Kilpatrick.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about low cost-alternatives,” says Mr. Welder. “These alternatives are, in our current economic state, now necessities. We believe that the success of lies in the fact that it quickly illuminates the cost benefit and functionality of internet fax services for people who don’t have time or money to waste.”

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