Zilker Ventures Website Email-Marketing-Options.com Helps Increase the Number of Online Advertisers

Not many sites are as reflective of the recent growth of Internet advertising as Email-Marketing-Options.com. The website lays claim to dozens of monthly sign-ups. Though the site has been successful, its parent company Zilker Ventures believes that there is still more room for growth.

Austin, TX (PRLEAP) August 1, 2008 — According to the latest forecast by Zenith Optimedia, a leading global media service agency that has released quarterly advertising expenditure forecasts, global Internet advertising is anticipated to grow 26.7% in 2008,

This growth is attributed in part to the fact that “Western advertisers are shifting even more of their budgets online, where the returns on their investment are obvious, and easy to quantify and fine tune.”

Strengthening the reputation of online advertising, iContact, a leading email marketing company boasts clients such as market leaders AT&T, Vonage, Symantec, International Paper, ReMax and Viacom, along with a host of small business owners, referred to iContact by Email-Marketing-Options.com.

What makes email marketing so effective? One of the reasons must be the ability to target and hone in on a particular audience of viewers. In the realm of email marketing and online display ads, techniques of the traditional method of print advertising are perhaps utilized most often. Like a magazine or newspaper ad, an email ad can only appeal to the viewer who opts-in in the first place. A person must likewise choose to read the email message or subscribe to the sender’s messages (often by using interest-specific check boxes like “Travel” or “Shopping”) for the ad to be effective; hence, targeted or demographic-specific email ads were created.

Demographic-specific online ads, as well as demographically targeted email lists, are only one advantage of using the services of email marketing providers listed on Email-Marketing-Options.com.

Advertisers have used email marketing software for a variety of purposes, such as accurately tracking returns on investment (ROI), targeting specific demographics and optimizing online ad space. Indeed, the successes of these early online advertisers might have provided reason for Zenith Optimedia to conclude that “Internet ads are cheap, easy to target and customise for particular audiences.”

“Helping to expand a market leader like iContact’s client base is something that we at Email-Marketing-Options are quite proud of,” says Kilpatrick. “As the site continues to be successful, we hope that more advertisers will utilize the information we provide to help them advertise more effectively online, where the possibilities are limitless.”

For additional information regarding email marketing software, visit www.email-marketing-options.com.

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