Put the Bat Away: Fax Machines are Dead and the Internet Killed Them

Zilker Ventures’ newest website, FaxCompare.com, reviews and compiles relevant details about the top internet fax services currently on the market.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) April 4, 2008 – The day a new fax machine arrives at the office is the last day that it’s top of line. It’s also the last day that it’s full of toner and paper until more money is expended to maintain it. It’s all downhill from there-a paper-jammed, humming, beeping, migraine-inducing ride downhill. But thanks to the advent of online services such as online fax services that can replace costly office equipment, the small business owner can actually take a bat to his fax machine with a clear conscience. As the importance of email grows and the business community insists on holding on to fax machines, bridge technologies like internet fax services are becoming more and more common-a fact that FaxCompare.com strives to highlight.

There are currently dozens of service providers in this industry ranging from five-employee shops to Fortune 500 companies. Some of these service providers include MyFax, RingCentral and TrustFax. J2 Global Communications is a Fortune 500 company that controls several internet fax service brands, such as Rapid Fax and Fax.com, but their most well known brand is eFax. Faced with a wide range of service options, fax senders may find the process of selecting a provider to be an added stress to their business.

The current void of unbiased information regarding internet fax services compelled Zilker Ventures, LLC to create FaxCompare.com. After substantial unfruitful research, Leo Welder, founder and COO of Zilker Ventures, LLC, signed up for an online fax service that he later had to cancel because it was missing some features that were crucial for Zilker Ventures, LLC. This experience convinced Leo that the online fax service industry was a perfect space for an unbiased review site.

Further verifying the need for unbiased information and reviews was the discovery that eFax, the industry’s most well known vendor, charges 70% more than the ‘Market Standard’ and includes fewer pages than their top competitors.

‘Market Standard’ for an online fax service according to FaxCompare.com is $10 per month for 300 pages with no start up fee, a 30 day free trial and overage pages for $0.10 per page or less. At those rates, six months of service fees will cost substantially less than most traditional fax machines.

In addition to its ‘Market Standard,’ FaxCompare.com offers comprehensive e fax reviews and other e fax comparison information, including ‘need to know’ comparison data regarding e fax service fees. As almost all of the marketing for these services is done on the internet, most of the information regarding online fax services is provided by the vendors themselves.

Internet faxing will certainly benefit businesses in the long-run. And by learning more about this emerging business tool fax senders can maximize benefits and minimize cost. As founder Leo Welder puts it: “With great options like MyFax and RingCentral, unwitting consumers paying above market service fees is clearly the result of a lack of information. We hope to provide that information with FaxCompare.com.”

For additional information regarding online fax services, visit FaxCompare.com

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