Zilker Ventures' HonestHostingOnline.com Sets New Standard for Review Websites

Zilker Ventures, the publisher behind successful review and comparison website Web-Hosting-Info.com has transferred the site to a new domain name, HonestHostingOnline.com –a name that transparently describes the company’s philosophy behind their review websites.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 26, 2008 — In a bold move, Zilker Ventures claims to offer objective reviews of vendors on their latest website, a rarity in the world of affiliate referral-based review websites. The following excerpt is taken from the site:

“Unlike most web hosting review sites, we do not rank the services based on how much they pay us for referrals. We recommend hosting services based on the ones that we’ve had the best experience with. In fact, we are hosting this site on HostGator, which we have placed in the most prominent position on our site.”

The company’s personal favorite web hosting provider, HostGator, is not necessarily the vendor that offers the most payout. Zilker Ventures’ method of ranking, or rather not ranking, their reviewed vendors has demonstrated that the company aspires to live up to the ideal of an unbiased resource for its users.

“People have asked us why we don’t rank our vendors, and I tell them that different service providers fit different people. Using our website, people can make the choice for themselves of which service is best by using the data and information we have compiled,” says HonestHosting.com creator Leo Welder. “The website should and does really speak for itself.”

In an era of ubiquitous review websites, web publishers often hastily review and rank vendors in favor of putting up a site that can generate quick revenue, much to the dissatisfaction of consumers who later discover that a particular service they were recommended is not what they want or need after all.

Zilker Ventures balks at the current trend and instead has adopted a policy of honesty that they hope will motivate consumers to keep utilizing their websites and to refer the sites to their friends and family.

Zilker Ventures, LLC is a web publisher that consolidates information and reviews various business and financial products. The company has published other successful review and comparison websites, such as Email-Marketing-Options.com (for email marketing software), Tax-Compare.com (for online tax software), FaxCompare.com (for internet fax services) and PBXCompare.com (for virtual PBX services).

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Zilker Ventures, LLC is a web publisher that consolidates information and reviews various business and financial products.

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